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We quickly realized that there was as a big need for basic daily needs in this community. It wasn’t just about dropping off whatever left over food was available but more the nutritional need. Especially after covid people are in dire straits.

Just because there’s a roof over head doesn’t mean that they are ok. Kids need to go to school with a full tummy and parents need peace of mind that their tummies will be filled when they close their eyes at night.

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What is the need?

We need 300 meals a day a Mon to Friday.

We need R 400 000 per month to achieve this. It sound like a lot but let us break it down:

40 companies x R10 000 per month reaches this goal.

We are a registered non profit
Level 2 BEE
This counts for companies CSR and also plays apart in a tax write off.


Companies Needed

R 10 000

Per Month for CSR


Meals Per Day


Percent Given

Who can get involved?

If you have a business and you would like to be part of changing lives


Even if you are not a company and want to contribute as an individual – all we ask for is R130 per month.

This gives 2 meals. 2 meals may seem a little but multiply that by 1000 contributors – that’s 2000 meals. And we are am damn sure there’s more than 1000 individuals out there that can afford R130 per month.

That’s R4.33 a day!

Do your part today!
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